Appraisal Defined
Appraisal Defined

The Aircraft Appraisal is a Valuable Tool

To the Buyer, the aircraft appraisal is an impartial, professional opinion of the value of the particular aircraft he/she is planing to purchase. Further, the appraisal can assist in expediting the sale of the aircraft because the buyer and seller know the market value and relative condition of the aircraft through the independent appraisal.

To the Seller, the appraisal gives confidence of knowing the condition and the current market value of  the aircraft in question.which in turn promotes a timely sale of the aircraft.

To the Banker, the appraisal documents the value and condition of the aircraft. The appraisal also supports the bank’s collateral position in the aircraft loan. Making use of a USPAP compliant appraisal from Aircraft Appraisers International will provide banking regulators the level of confidence needed for proper aircraft valuation.

It’s been said that  “An aircraft is worth what someone will pay for it.” Therefore, when setting a selling price for something as valuable as an aircraft, more factual advice than that given by a well meaning friend is both a necessity and just common sense. Of course, this is just as important on the corporate level. Costly mistakes can be avoided through the use of a professional aircraft appraiser from Aircraft Appraisers International.

See how comprehensive our aircraft appraisals are by clicking on the NAAA appraisal example link below.
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