As an aviation expert witness, William Costa will develop an accurate opinion of value in order to understand or determine a fact in issue. His reports are based on unique knowledge, instrumental in the support of legal cases which often involve insurance claims, financing, and/or sales and leasing of aircraft.

Over thirty years of professional experience in the aviation industry, rarely found in this marketplace,
include the following:

    ● fourteen current years as an aircraft broker and leasing executive ensure a constant awareness of aircraft market conditions
    ● fifteen years conducting aircraft valuations as a Senior Aircraft Appraiser
    (past clients include Honeywell, Hilton Worldwide, Ace Insurance, Global Aerospace, Airtex Products, S-Tec Autopilot Company, Lord Bissell & Brooke, and others)
    ● over twenty years of flight and maintenance operations, including manufacturing
    ● numerous FAA pilot certificates and over 7,000 hours of flight time
    ● many years of aircraft maintenance as an FAA licensed Airframe and Powerplant technician

William Costa’s specialized knowledge, skills, education and training are precisely the experience that you need in working your individual case.