NAAA vs BlueBook
NAAA vs BlueBook

We at Aircraft Appraisers International
believe that the aviation industry deserves better valuations and aircraft appraisals than can be derived from guide books that are published by book publishers. Ask yourself, “how many book publishers have actually appraised or contracted to appraise an aircraft?” Where do they get the information to establish their database?

The truth is that book publishers never have appraised aircraft and never will.

The publishers and the people who use them are relying on information that is collected by sending out a few questionaires to aircraft brokers or similar aircraft sales orginizations. These questionaires ask only a few generic questions.

These questions are so generic in nature that no information is gathered and entered into the database about such things as:
A. Aircraft damage history
B. Make and model of avionics
C. Inspection status and ADs
D. Engine overhaul status
E. Engine/airframe modification
F. Physical condition of airframe
G. Props and time in service
H. Condition of Other Systems

If you deserve better than what is provided by using the Blue Book, then you should put your trust in Aircraft Appraisers International for your appraisal needs. The NAAA member appraisers are the only appraisers in the world who consider all of the factors mentioned above that the Blue Book does not. Furthermore, the information used by members of the NAAA is verified by its membership, which is 300 members strong. The NAAA has more Senior Certified aircraft appraisers with USPAP training than any other organization.These are professionals who physically evaluate the aircraft using the highest criteria and code of ethics established by the association.This provides results that are extremely accurate and a database that is verifiable. Wouldn’t you agree that you should use a member of NAAA, such as Aircraft Appraisers International for all of your appraisal needs?